Friday, June 11, 2010

I’m Jammin….

The girls and I (Gabe was still in school and very disappointed he missed out) had the privilege of meeting up with a wonderful family for a morning of strawberry picking.  The girls had a blast picking berries, playing with the Pollard kids, and I enjoying catching up with Beth.  It was a great afternoon that even ended with delicious ice cream from Bergey's.







I had wanted to pick enough to try and make some jam, but what was picked that day didn’t last long around here.  We were than blessed by a wonderful local family that owns a farmers market.  The Powell family opened up their fields for FREE to any local church members.  So my friend Diane and I went out one early  Saturday morning  and picked, and picked , and picked.  I came home with a good bit, with hopes of getting a few jars of jam out of them.


I gathered my supplies, did a little googling, and set out to make some freezer strawberry jam.   I have never made jam or canned anything so I was a bit nervous on how this was going to turn out.  Of course the girls wanted to help.  So they all took turns mashing, stirring, and adding the sugar.  The process was a bit easier than I thought it was going to be.  A little time consuming and I made a nice mess, but it was all worth it.  




I found these cute tags online and made these to give to Gabe’s teacher as an end of the year gift.

( I can’t remember the website that I got the tags from, but they were a free printable)

The jam tastes delicious and I love to hear the kids say “ Hey Mom, can we have some toast with that yummy jam you made”. 

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