Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Just One"

It is amazing what can happen when you set a goal, have some awesomely amazing wonderful friends, put in some hard work, and a whole lot of laughter! I still have a lot of work to do, A LOT, but I'm starting to see results and feeling so much better physically.

And I can not give a big enough shout out THANK YOU to my friend, Kylie.  You know those people who make you want to give more and take less, yep that's her.  She has got to be one of the most giving people I know, and not just a giver of things or money, but a giver of her time.  Which, in this crazy busy world, to me time is more valuable than gold. She seems to do it effortlessly and never needing or wanting anything in return.  I feel incredibly grateful to have met her and to be able to call her a friend.

Now I'm not saying I'm going to start chasing waterfalls, I kind of like my rivers and lakes, but.......
here's going for TWO! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Chirstmas Card 2012

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Project 52….Week 2 Made with Love

This is where one would normally find one of my daughters. Maybe not always with paint, it could be markers, crayons, even just a regular ball point pen. Their all time favorite activity is drawing, coloring, creating. They can blow through a pile of blank paper in a heartbeat and markers don’t last very long either. Our refrigerator is always filled with their artwork, and if I try to slip one in the trash they instantly catch me on it and demand it get’s pulled back out. Not that I want to throw it out to hurt their feelings, but 3 girls x a TON of art work, I could probably wallpaper my house will it and still have let over.


When I started thinking about this weeks Project 52 theme I instantly knew that pictures of them creating had to be it. Most of their art work has written on it in their shaky handwriting “I love mom” or “I love dad”. Teresa even got an “award” in preschool called the “I love Mom” award because on EVERY piece of paper that is what she would write on it. My bedroom door is covered with artwork that they have given me to me. Most days I can find a special drawing on my pillow. I must admit that many times the mess that can be found on my kitchen table, because of their unending want to constantly be crafting, can sometimes overwhelm me. And let’s not even discuss what happens if they get ahold of glue or scissors! One day though while I was making dinner I just stopped and listened to their interactions. The encouragement they were giving each other over their masterpieces was priceless. It made me realize that yes the mess was EVERYWHERE ,and really not what I wanted to have to clean up in the rush to get dinner on the table, but the love that was being shared between my girls was really worth it. That not only were their creations made with love but that they were building their relationships with love. Now in the effort of “keeping it real” about 10 minutes later two of them were fighting over the markers and this beautiful moment ended in tears. I know that the experience as a whole was deepening the sister bond between them. So that is what I now try and think about when I am cleaning up for the hundredth time their crating mess, or when I find the markers with out their tops on, or a the itty pieces of paper on the kitchen floor. The love that goes into all the artwork that they have made.


project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project 52 Week 1……..Resolution

I just love it when things just seem to fall into place. For some time now I have been thinking that I really wanted to make some changes. Changes in how I did things, changes in myself, changes that would benefit my family. Lately with the kids getting older I have felt that it was time to make some goals for myself and to really give it my best effort to accomplish them. Not my usual half attempt and then find some excuse of why I couldn't “find the time” to do something. I discovered this photo challenge at the perfect time. I had been thinking about the things I wanted to accomplish this year and learning how to use my camera better and new ways of documenting my life were two things I had on my list. Then I saw the theme for the first week was “resolution” and I thought how perfect! I know people can interpret this word in many different ways. Usually I am not even one to make “resolutions” but this year it’s different for me. This year, 2012, is the year I am determined to make meaningful. To be more purposeful in my actions, my decisions, and in my relationships. To become more disciplined. To not make so many excuses. To make goals and achieve them. I know it’s clique for it to hit January 1st and to say “I want to lose weight”. And while yes that is my goal, more importantly it’s to become healthy!


A friend of mine mentioned that she was signing up to run a 1/2 marathon and was looking for people to run with her. Completing a 1/2 marathon has been something I have wanted to do since I ran my first 5k a few years ago. I have a history of jumping on the exercising/ running bandwagon and then quickly falling off. I took this opportunity to run with a friend and SIGNED UP! I am a little nervous but excited! We have joined the local YMCA and the training has begun!


I also have started Weight Watchers online. My weight is something I have not been happy with for quite some time. I have tried “dieting” many different times but nothing ever stuck. I wanted to do this because I thought if I paid for it, I would be more motivated to follow the plan. So far so good. I never thought that my eating habits were that bad, but after keeping track of everything that I have put into my mouth I have realized that maybe my choices weren’t all the great.

I am looking forward to many great things in 2012! Starting off with becoming a healthier ME!!!

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

I miss my friend…..

Has it really been a year already?
jen & me
So often I go back to that day in June. Sitting across from her at my parents kitchen table...laughing, joking, talking about everything from make-up, to cancer, to the power of prayer. I remember she was beautiful as ever, even amongst radiation and chemo treatments, she dolled herself up. I remember sitting there, not wanting to leave, seeing the clock ticking on, knowing that I had to travel back to North Carolina soon. She had to go also, meeting people for lunch. She amazed me how with everything she had going on, how bad she must have felt some days, she still put on that smile and personality we all loved, to spend time with those that meant so much to her. I remember walking her out to her car, even saying I wish we didn't have to say goodbye. Wishing we could just hang out awhile longer. I remember giving her a hug and exchanging our " I love you's" our "talk to you soon". I remember standing there on the front step waving as she pulled away.  What I wouldn't give to go back to that moment, to stay a little while longer, to hug her a little tighter.
I often also think back to July 4th. How she and I were texting back and forth about our day's plans. Joking back and forth with each other. Talking about how she wanted to make a trip to North Carolina. I remember her telling me she had  to try to wean off the steroids again and how she was nervous about how it was going to make her feel. I also keep thinking about how she knocked on my parents door that night asking if the fireworks could be seen from there.  I hope she got to see some fireworks that night.
It still amazes me that just 6 days later her husband Shaun would be calling me to tell me she had passed away. Just a few days after the 4th she became extremely ill and was admitted back into the hospital. I remember reading about the latest news on her caringbridge site. It didn't sound good but I continued to hold out hope, continued to pray. I prayed she would be comforted, pain free, and able to find that peace she had when she was first diagnosed. When my phone rang that Saturday morning, July 10, 2010, my stomach just dropped. I had been in contact with Shaun via text when she was in the hospital and I had told him that I would come home to Delaware at any time. I know they had so much support and people just rallying around them. I knew my presence wasn't going to make a huge difference, but if there was anything I could do I would do it. When Shaun told me the news  I just couldn't believe it. Even now, a year later, it still seems unreal.
I miss my friend so very much. I miss so much about her. I miss how we could talk on the phone for hours with never running out of things to say. I miss how we would email each other about party ideas. I miss how we would always talk about getting together and scrapbooking but when we actually did nothing ever really got done because we couldn't stop talking. I miss how great she was with my kids. How even though they only saw her a few times a year they were always completely comfortable with her.  They must have just felt her love. I miss how she was late to everything and understood how I could be late to everything also and never gave me grief for it. I miss how we could just sit on her couch for hours chatting and it never got old. I miss how she always knew how to have a good time even with crying kids and thunderstorms. I miss how it was always hard for her to make a decision from what she would wear to what she should order to eat. I miss how whenever we would get together she was always hungry and want to eat. Pizza, ice cream, buffalo chicken sandwiches, donuts, all that yummy junk food. I even miss how she wouldn't gain a pound, while I on the other hand would be about 5 lbs. heavier after a visit with her. I miss how we would send each other cards...just because. And how in those cards it wouldn't just be signed but have eloquently written notes filling the whole card. I miss how when I'd visit her we'd go in her room in the basement and she'd manage to pull together everything I'd need for a birthday party from things she'd be a matter of minutes. I miss sitting on her back porch drinking wine and again never running out of things to talk about. I guess you could say I just miss everything about her and her friendship.
Her friendship and journey with cancer has taught me so many life lessons. People always say life is too short to sweat the small things. I know that now for sure. Life is too short and too precious to get worked up about the little things. It is so important to let the ones who mean the most to you know how important they are, and not when the going gets tough but just on those everyday ordinary days. Never take a day for granted... use it, live it, and laugh about it. And to not judge anyone. We never know what life struggles they may be having, what trails they are going through. Her life and friendship is such an inspiration to me. The way she lived her life, especially her cancer journey, with such courage and grace I will always be in awe of.
Jennifer Lynn I miss you. You are forever missed, forever loved, and forever remembered.