Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project 52 Week 1……..Resolution

I just love it when things just seem to fall into place. For some time now I have been thinking that I really wanted to make some changes. Changes in how I did things, changes in myself, changes that would benefit my family. Lately with the kids getting older I have felt that it was time to make some goals for myself and to really give it my best effort to accomplish them. Not my usual half attempt and then find some excuse of why I couldn't “find the time” to do something. I discovered this photo challenge at the perfect time. I had been thinking about the things I wanted to accomplish this year and learning how to use my camera better and new ways of documenting my life were two things I had on my list. Then I saw the theme for the first week was “resolution” and I thought how perfect! I know people can interpret this word in many different ways. Usually I am not even one to make “resolutions” but this year it’s different for me. This year, 2012, is the year I am determined to make meaningful. To be more purposeful in my actions, my decisions, and in my relationships. To become more disciplined. To not make so many excuses. To make goals and achieve them. I know it’s clique for it to hit January 1st and to say “I want to lose weight”. And while yes that is my goal, more importantly it’s to become healthy!


A friend of mine mentioned that she was signing up to run a 1/2 marathon and was looking for people to run with her. Completing a 1/2 marathon has been something I have wanted to do since I ran my first 5k a few years ago. I have a history of jumping on the exercising/ running bandwagon and then quickly falling off. I took this opportunity to run with a friend and SIGNED UP! I am a little nervous but excited! We have joined the local YMCA and the training has begun!


I also have started Weight Watchers online. My weight is something I have not been happy with for quite some time. I have tried “dieting” many different times but nothing ever stuck. I wanted to do this because I thought if I paid for it, I would be more motivated to follow the plan. So far so good. I never thought that my eating habits were that bad, but after keeping track of everything that I have put into my mouth I have realized that maybe my choices weren’t all the great.

I am looking forward to many great things in 2012! Starting off with becoming a healthier ME!!!

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  1. Good for you!!! I'm really trying to be healthier (baby steps) so I would love to just run a 5k!!! I am not a runner, more of a run/walk/trot kinda girl ;) You have a beautiful blog!

    Have a great weekend!