Saturday, January 14, 2012

Project 52….Week 2 Made with Love

This is where one would normally find one of my daughters. Maybe not always with paint, it could be markers, crayons, even just a regular ball point pen. Their all time favorite activity is drawing, coloring, creating. They can blow through a pile of blank paper in a heartbeat and markers don’t last very long either. Our refrigerator is always filled with their artwork, and if I try to slip one in the trash they instantly catch me on it and demand it get’s pulled back out. Not that I want to throw it out to hurt their feelings, but 3 girls x a TON of art work, I could probably wallpaper my house will it and still have let over.


When I started thinking about this weeks Project 52 theme I instantly knew that pictures of them creating had to be it. Most of their art work has written on it in their shaky handwriting “I love mom” or “I love dad”. Teresa even got an “award” in preschool called the “I love Mom” award because on EVERY piece of paper that is what she would write on it. My bedroom door is covered with artwork that they have given me to me. Most days I can find a special drawing on my pillow. I must admit that many times the mess that can be found on my kitchen table, because of their unending want to constantly be crafting, can sometimes overwhelm me. And let’s not even discuss what happens if they get ahold of glue or scissors! One day though while I was making dinner I just stopped and listened to their interactions. The encouragement they were giving each other over their masterpieces was priceless. It made me realize that yes the mess was EVERYWHERE ,and really not what I wanted to have to clean up in the rush to get dinner on the table, but the love that was being shared between my girls was really worth it. That not only were their creations made with love but that they were building their relationships with love. Now in the effort of “keeping it real” about 10 minutes later two of them were fighting over the markers and this beautiful moment ended in tears. I know that the experience as a whole was deepening the sister bond between them. So that is what I now try and think about when I am cleaning up for the hundredth time their crating mess, or when I find the markers with out their tops on, or a the itty pieces of paper on the kitchen floor. The love that goes into all the artwork that they have made.


project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge


  1. I love your photo! The colours in the thumbnail drew me in to look at it properly - great idea. I look forward to having artwork made for me one day!

  2. The colors in the thumbnail also drew me to it. Very nice...

  3. I LOVE your pics! And I love that you let them be creative. I've graduated from my fear of Play-doh, scissors, and glue stick. Ha ha. I have yet to take the leap to let the kids use watercolors/paints but, hope to soon! I look fwd. to seeing more of your P52 pics.
    ♡ PTG

  4. The colours of your thumbnail drew me into your blog, beautiful shots, I really like the story too. Mess can always be cleaned up, its not convenient, but the artwork is worth it, especially when made by your children.

  5. I clicked over here from another the pictures of colors and yes, I have to remind myself, that so much LOVE goes into the millions of drawings and paintings my children do! I try to appreciate that more and ignore the mess it creates. Also, I love your resolutions about lifestyle change...just ran a half marathon and highly recommend giving it a try. The feeling of finishing a race is amazing :) Good luck!