Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gabriel turns 9

It is hard for me to believe that Gabriel turned 9 this year. I think actually it is harder for me to think that I have been a mother now for nine years. Some days it feels like just yesterday that I started all this parenting stuff and then others days when things just seem to fall into place I think hmm yeah I may just have gotten the hang of this. Gabriel is maturing into such a kind hearted young man. Yes we have our battles over some laziness issues, but for the most part he is so eager to please and never gives me any trouble. He is so patient with his sisters and I love to watch him(when he thinks I am not looking) in those tender moments with them. He does very well in school and all his teachers just rave about what a pleasure he is class. He is playing soccer right now and still has a love for football and skateboarding. Like most nine year old boys he loves his video games, but is finding that reading can be enjoyable and not just something you have to do for school.

Gabriel you are such a blessing to our family. I am proud to be your mother! God really blessed us with you and it is such a joy to see the young man you are growing up to be. My heart just fills with love and smiles when I think of you. May God bless you this year and may all your dreams and ambitions come true!


One of my favorite pictures of Gabe


Thanksgiving 2009


Happy Birthday Gabe!!

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  1. Julia, it was so good to hear from you. I love your blog. The children are growing up by leaps and bounds! Between the blog and facebook, I look forward to keeping up with your precious family.