Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Really, did I just do that

I had one of those awful Mom moments the other day. After I realized what happened I kept hoping that maybe,just maybe it wasn’t true.

I ran over Gabriel’s IPod with the lawn mower. Yup that’s right I ran his IPod over with the riding mower. If that thing hadn’t exploded into a million pieces I would have collected it and taken a picture.

What happened was, I was getting ready to cut the grass. Gabe and Teresa were at a friends house and Faith and Lauren were taken naps. I thought it would be nice to listen to some music while I mowed since I didn’t have to keep an eye on anyone. Remembering that my iPod wasn’t charged I decided to use Gabe’s. Well I guess in a moment of complete mind loss I placed it in my lap, decided to take my coat off and then I heard it. This big clank that for sure was not a great sound to hear while you are cutting grass. I looked behind me and saw this silver object go a flying and then I looked down and saw the earphone wire hanging out from under the blade cover. I insistently checked my pocket (which is where I thought I had put it) and then remembered OH NO it was on my lap!!! It must have fallen off when I took my coat off and then went right under the mower. UGH!!! I felt horrible! Not only did I feel bad just for the fact that I ran it over but because I had just gotten on him for leaving it around. I told him he better start putting it back where it belongs because if not it was going to get BROKEN. And here I am the one that breaks it.

I thought for sure when I told him what had happen he was going to get upset. When he got home I told him I had something important to tell him. I then broke the news…and this is what he said to me “ Mom that’s okay I don’t use it that much anyway” then he paused and said “well I do but it still is okay”. I said “really you’re not upset, I really am sorry” and he then said “no really Mom it is okay it was just an accident”.

I have to be honest and say I was really proud of him in that moment. He didn’t have to react that way. He could have been upset, demanded that I get him a new one but he didn’t. Just an “it’s okay Mom”. Well and then followed by “did it explode into a million pieces, what did it look like, what did it sound like” :-)


  1. Julia, seriously...Gabriel is the BEST! Where did he come from! HE is always so calm, cool and collected. Great job! Don't question how or why...just pat yourself on the back :) That's not to say that all of your other children are not, but it's really cool to get to see him all "grown up" and mature while the other kids are still being "groomed" if you will. That had to be a bitter/sweet moment with the iPod, but more proud to see how mature he handled himself.

  2. Oh Julia! I know it made you sick. Gabriel sounds like such a sweet and forgiving young man. I love your pictures of all four kids at the top. Erin and I keep trying to figure out how to do that.

  3. Jules--Thank you for sharing your stories! Each one is wonderful and unique. As I read I can actually visualize myself there watching these things happen to you. I am cracking up! You are blessed with a beautiful family. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. Love ya!Rhonda

  4. Girl Gabe is such a wonderful boy and you are doing an awesome job teaching him what is important in this life we get to live.. I hope some of that rubs off on Wes..lol