Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Soccer 2010

We just ended soccer season and I have to say while it was great to see the kids play and they had a ton of fun, I will not miss 4 nights of practice and 2 games on Saturday. This was the first season that we had two kids in sports. Overall it really wasn’t that bad and thankfully due to great friends carpooling worked out great. I’ll tell you it really does take a village!!

This season Gabe played with a new coach and some new players. At first I was concerned because there were a few kids that were on the younger side of the age group and some inexperienced players but I’ll tell you what this was the “little team that could”. It took a game or two for the team to mesh and learn to play together but once it clicked they really had a some great plays. Gabe played great for the most part, he had a few times where it seemed his head just wasn’t in the game, but hey we can’t be “on” all the time. He scored some goals and was one of the players that scored in the final game to earn us our first victory! They may have only won one game but that last game they really played with some heart. I could tell they were all really driven to end the season on a high note and boy did they! I wish I had gotten more pictures of Gabe playing but either the camera battery was dead or I was too busy chasing the girls around.


Goooooo Golden Dragons!

This was Teresa’s first time playing soccer EVER! She has kicked the ball around the backyard and has spent many hours at the field watching Gabe play but never actually played on a team. She was super excited to get to play and thought she was so grown to get to play soccer like Gabe does. She was thrilled on her game days especially if anyone special was coming to watch her play such as my sister or Jason’s parents. Overall she did well . She loved that her friend Abbi played on her team and her team did really well. She had some great games and some games were I think she just enjoyed sitting on the sidelines eating the halftime snack. The funniest story of the season was from the very first game. Teresa was out on the field and the whistle had blown to end the game. Teresa got a hold of the ball and instead of stopping dribbled the ball down field and kicked it in the goal. Of course when she turned around we all cheered for her and she beamed a smile like “wow awesome I just scored a goal!”. And according to her she did…I never told her that the game had ended and it didn’t count.


Goooo Lemonheads!!!

Here are a few pictures of what Faith and Lauren enjoy doing during the games.



Here’s to another great soccer season!! See ya in the fall!

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  1. I think it is awesome that you let the kids do so much even though it is a big task for you sometimes.. you are such an inspiration.. and with all you have going on you still find time for your friends.. I'm grateful for that and you..tks mama