Friday, May 21, 2010

Jennifer’s Journey

Back in April I traveled home one weekend to support one of my oldest and dearest friends who has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer.  When I first learned of her diagnoses back in February I was just devastated.  This is not supposed to be happening to one of my friends, especially someone as kind hearted and loving as Jen.  These things only happen to other people…I was only supposed to hear other people’s stories of this happening to their friends.  But here I was having to face watching my dear friend go through such a trial.  In these few short months she has taught me so much about so many different things.  She has faced this trial with such grace and strength.  Of course there have been times of weakness, I mean really a person can only be so strong.  This journey has taught me about how important it is to tell those you love, really how much you love and care about them.  To tell them how much they mean to you on any regular day not just wait until they are struggling through a hardship.  It has also shown me the importance of making time for those who are important to you.  Not to wait till “next time”, or “when I am not as busy”.  Besides that it has also shown me the awesomeness of God, how if you truly ask him into your heart he will pick you up and carry you like that poem “Footprints in the Sand”.  The incredible sense of peace that Jen keeps talking about I know can only come from God.  Also how a positive attitude can make a world of difference.  How the “woes is me” frame of mind is nothing but negative energy and when going through a struggle who wants to waste your energy on that.  Now of course everyone has their moments and that is normal and expected but I guess what I am trying to say is that we all have two ways of handling a situation and I see how choosing the more positive way of thinking can make a world of difference. 

The turn out of the walk was just remarkable.  Hundreds of friends, friends of friends, co-workers, and family members all came out to support her.    I can only imagine how overwhelming it was to her family to see so many people come out and support them. It was great to see and catch up with some people I have not seen in years.  Almost like a mini high school reunion.  The best part was getting to hang with these girls…



It was so neat to see how even after all these years we all just picked right back up like we saw each other yesterday.  Also how we were all still the same, even after getting married and having kids.  We were able to go out to lunch afterwards and if someone had rewound time it could have been all of us sitting there like we were in high school. But instead of talking about boyfriend drama and high school drama, we were talking about careers, husbands, and babies!


One with Jen! :)


As much as I wish we would have never had to have an event like this for one of our friends, it was such an awesome experience and a memory that will last a lifetime. 

The Sunday after the walk I had the privilege to be Jen and Shaun’s daughter’s godmother.  When they told me that they had decided to get their kids baptized I was so honored to be asked to be a part of such a special occasion.  Thankfully Jen was feeling better so I was able to spend more time with her and her family.  Here is my most favorite picture from that day….



It was a wonderful weekend filled with many emotional memories.  I am so thankful I was able to make the trip and show my support for someone I feel so blessed to call friend!


  1. Thanks for sharing Julia! For all of us who know you, you're such a caring and faithful friend. I'll be praying for your friend.

  2. I too have learned sooo much from this experience with Jen. Hold tight to those you love! I love you Jules and feel truly bessed to be able to call you a friend! The walk for Jen was a terrific day and it was fabulous seeing some old but very familiar faces.